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1. Where can I get a job application for Lowndes County?
2. What are the office hours of the Courthouse?
3. Where do I purchase a license plate for my vehicle?
4. How many days do I have to get my tag after purchasing my car?
5. How many days do I have to purchase my tag after it expires?
6. How long do I have to purchase my tag after moving from another state?
7. If I purchase a vehicle out of state, how much is the sales tax.
8. Can I renew my tag here even though I live in another state?
9. Can I use a debit or credit card to purchase my tag?
10. Can I purchase my tag on line?
11. What methods of payments do you take?
12. When do I file for homestead exemption?
13. What do I need to bring to file for homestead exemption?
14. Where do I call for a problem with garbage pickup?
15. How do I register to vote?
16. How do I obtain a marriage license?
17. How do I report problems with county roads?