Chancery Court


Cases that may be heard in the Chancery Court include:

  • Adoptions and alimony
  • Commitments of mentally disabled
  • Domestic and family matters: Divorce, child custody, property division,
  • Equity appeals from County Court
  • Estates of descendants
  • Land issues: Titles and Contracts

About the Court

Chancery Court is a separate court of equity. This is distinguished from the law court or circuit court in Mississippi. The Chancery Judge or Chancellor generally hears cases without a jury. Juries are permitted only in paternity cases and will contests or as an advisory jury not binding on the Chancellor.


The Chancery Court handles equity cases involving domestic and family matters such as divorce, child custody and support, property division, adoptions, and other related issues. Additionally, the Chancery Court handles and processes the estates of decedents, those with or without a will, and all issues involving minors. This court handles a wide variety of other matters, including issues concerning title to land, contracts, injunctive matters, and commitments of persons impaired through mental disability and/or chemical-substance-alcohol abuse.

In the 63 counties having no Family or County Court, the Chancery Court either hears all youth court proceedings or appoints a Youth Court Referee (Judge) to do so. Lowndes County has a Youth and County Court. The Chancery Court is a court of record and its appeals are to the Mississippi Supreme Court.